Benefits for connecting your brand to

Social Success in Schools

When Social Success in Schools is visible, so is your brand! By partnering with us, your company gains nationwide exposure as investing in students’ well-being and success. In turn your buyers have a                       reason to invest in you.


Increase your brands exposure in schools & communities:

  • Increase your company’s VISIBILITY TO ALL DEMOGRAPHICS by connecting your brand to educators, teens, tweens, and school communities.
  • SPONSOR a school-wide SEL FAMILY EVENT featuring your products and invite professionals from your company to celebrate with your sponsored school and receive the “Make a Difference Award.”
  • Educators now more than ever need donations along with our appreciation! Connect your brand to schools;

    when you demonstrate your support, you GAIN LOYALTY of everyone connected with the school community, thus increasing WORD-OF-MOUTH marketing to catapult sales.

Increase your brands exposure NATION-WIDE:

  • This campaign will gain nation-wide exposure with the potential of reaching a majority of the 100,000 schools across America. 
  • This campaign has the potential to reach millions of consumers.
  • This campaign includes joint ventures with other professionals and organizations in the field of education making the visibility of this campaign far reaching.

Increase your brands exposure at EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCES:

  • Social Success in Schools Speaker at nationally recognized educational conferences in the field of social-emotional learning and character development.
  • Social Success in Schools Exhibitor at nationally recognized educational conferences in the field of social-emotional learning and character development.
  • Social Success in Schools Sponsor of nationally recognized educational conferences in the field of social-emotional learning and character development.

Sponsor Social Success in Schools


Reach the Trillion $ market of teens, tweens, women, and families.


Make your brand friendly to EVERY demographic nation-wide.


  1. Pre-marketing awareness campaign reaching over 500,000 consumers.


Highlight products and services DIRECTLY to your customers and increase your brand’s popularity!  Educators love to feel appreciated!


Connect to schools and districts nationwide and take advantage of making your BRAND STAND OUT against your competitors through marketing efforts.


Multimedia promotional campaign including social media, television, radio, and print.


Enhance your brand’s visibility by receiving a “MAKE A DIFFERENCE AWARD” for committing to communities and kids!


Invest in your FUTURE EMPLOYEES!!!


Increased word of mouth referrals. 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth as key.


Be associated with the incredible organization of SPECIAL OLYMPICS.

Charitable partner

Our Partnership with Special Olympics

Jeanne Baskin has had a lifelong passion for Special Olympics supporting Unified Sports Teams as a coach and coordinator at the school level for over 20 years. 

With every purchase made, you provide Social Success in Schools the opportunity to donate valuable resources to the Special Olympics. Your purchase will help sponsor sporting events and make it possible for more schools to bring the valuable Unified Sports Teams Program to all students.

At Social Success in Schools, we believe the Collaborative For Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) is the leading expert in the field of SEL. We respect and support their due diligence in providing both cutting-edge research and in bringing forth evidence-based and best practices that help to transform how we educate kids in today’s world.

Our commitment to helping school communities in implementing transformative SEL will require collective action. As such, we believe it vital to provide funding to CASEL to support their continued efforts to educate the whole child.

With each whole school membership purchase, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to fund CASEL’s mission to continue to provide valuable and necessary resources to do this thoughtful and intentional work.

A Message

From Jeanne

“At Social Success in Schools we are committed to treating school and community members in the same manner and with the same social-emotional competencies we wish to impart onto our students. When working with our company you can expect to experience a thread of integrity and respect that reaches from the seed of our values to the expansion of our mission. We will seek to make a mark on this world that brings a genuine and thoughtful interest in doing right by kids. We will do so with passionate energy and a compassionate heart at its center. We make the promise to research and reveal best practices while using forward-thinking to bring forth effective and sustainable professional development to schools. We will walk along-side our schools and communities to champion their efforts to make a greater impact in the lives of kids big and small.”

– Jeanne Baskin

Sponsor Social Success In Schools

Make An Impact through Sponsorships


When your company sponsors our mission, you make a difference.  Your employees can feel proud to work for an organization that invests in the well-being of school communities.

But the return on your investment also supports your business’s bottom line. School communities include a vast and diverse consumer population of not only K-12 students and faculty, but their families, as well. 

This demographic does not discriminate and has endless buying power and investment potential. 

Meet with Jeanne and you’ll quickly come to see her passion is palatable, her mission is achievable, and that your participation is a worthy investment. 

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