Social Success in Schools

Creating schools where all students thrive
in safe, caring and inclusive learning environments


OUR vision

  SEL in Schools

The vision of Social Success in Schools is that all kids be taught in a world where they are educated in a rigorous and engaging learning environment that is safe, supportive, and inclusive. That all students be afforded an enriching experience both in their minds and hearts. That all students are safe to bring their identities, voices, and agency to school each day. That all students gain a sense of pride, grit, and a growth mindset and build awareness and acceptance of theirs and others’ strengths and limitations. That all children learn the skills of resilience and independence for overcoming and coping with stress and daily challenges while taking ownership and responsibility for one’s behaviors and how they affect themselves and others. We want all school community stakeholders to feel and experience an overall sense of belonging and connectedness through mutual respect and meaningful relationship building that promotes compassion, kindness, and collaboration. 

 About our founder

Jeanne Baskin

A passionate pioneer in the field of education, Jeanne is a dedicated advocate for ensuring all students learn within a safe, supportive, engaging, and inclusive school environment. Her energy, enthusiasm, and expertise have fueled her desire to support schools in elevating their mission to educate the whole child with the use of transformative SEL. An approach that thoughtfully brings together trauma-informed, student-centered, equitable practices through the lens of social-emotional learning.  

Jeanne has been working in K-12 schools as a Speech-Language Pathologist and Dual Certified Social-Emotional Learning Specialist for 20 years.  She is currently a Ph.D. candidate for Transformative Leadership, Education, and Applied Research in Psychology and Counseling at Lesley University.  

She holds a dual certification in SEL Instruction and Transformative Leadership through the Academy of Social-Emotional Learning in Schools from Rutgers University and The College of Saint Elizabeth.

She is in the process of becoming a Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner through Starr Commonwealth.

A Message From


“At Social Success in Schools we are committed to treating school and community members in the same manner and with the same social-emotional competencies we wish to impart onto our students. When working with our company you can expect to experience a thread of integrity and respect that reaches from the seed of our values to the expansion of our mission. We will seek to make a mark on this world that brings a genuine and thoughtful interest in doing right by kids. We will do so with passionate energy and a compassionate heart at its center. We make the promise to research and reveal best practices while using forward-thinking to bring forth effective and sustainable professional learning experiences to schools. We will walk along-side our schools and communities to champion their efforts to make a greater impact on the lives of kids big and small.”

Together, we got this!

Jeanne Baskin

Social Success in Schools is
a grassroots project

Put into action & supported by many. Click below to see what our educators are saying.

social success in schools team


The Academy of Social-Emotional Learning in Schools

(Rutgers University and College of Saint Elizabeth) http://community.www.sel.cse.edu

Lesley University Psychology and Counseling Cohort and Doctoral Faculty

Special Olympics of Massachusetts

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Jyll Da-ao: Virtual Assistant

Erin Roddy: Graphic Designer

Angela Woiwode: Editor/Copywriter

Terry Duenas & Amar Rambhadjan: Video Production Cape Cod Community Media Center  www.capemedia.org 

Maya Matthis and Ahsan Iqbal: Whiteboard/2D Video Creation

Laura Bowen: Photographer

Barnstable Intermediate School Staff

Kindness Rocks Project- Megan Murphy www.thekindnessrocksproject.com 

Lee Jenkins- www.ltojconsulting.com 

Tim Kowalski- www.socialpragmatics.com 

Dr. Ross Greene- Collaborative and Proactive Solutions http://www.livesinthebalance.org

Bestseller Blueprint- Steve Harrison and Jack Canfield www.bestsellerblueprintsystems.com 

Sponsor Concierge- Linda Hollander www.sponsorconcierge.com 

And last but most certainly not least-special appreciation to all our family, friends, co-workers, and Super Fans! As they say…it takes a village and thank you for being ours!

“I have been working with Jeanne Baskin for 15 years. Her dedication and expertise is invaluable and we couldn’t be more supportive of her venture to make a greater impact in the field of social-emotional learning. This work is essential. Social Success in Schools is helping schools bring forth best practices that can make the job of an educator more impactful and rewarding. Bringing these professional development resources into your school is key if you want to fully implement SEL with success.”

-Kathleen Murtaugh; School Counselor

“Our children are facing many challenges living in today’s world. Now more than ever we need to arm our kids with those essential life skills, social skills, and character traits that ultimately create well-rounded human beings ready to tackle life. I am thrilled that school communities now have training tools to guide them in this important mission. Social Success in Schools is a must in helping schools, homes, and communities flourish.”

Jennifer Caddigan; parent

“We met Coach Baskin when my autistic daughter was in the fourth grade. She not only provided my daughter with a sports experience but more importantly helped her to gain social skills and character traits in order to be able to interact with others. She created an environment to socialize and acknowledged families not just athletes. Coach Baskin believes in community and I’m grateful she is on this mission to bring Social Success in Schools across the nation.”

-Julie Clymer; parent

“We LOVE Coach Baskin! She has helped our son achieve his full potential and we are thankful for the super work she is doing to teach all kids these important life skills.  Social Success in Schools is a timely and necessary mission that could benefit all kids.”

-Cheryl Barker; parent

“Coach Baskin had been helping school communities foster the important like skills of social-emotional learning in the classroom and on the field for almost two decades. Her knowledge, passion, and dedication to bringing Social Success in Schools is palatable and it is my hope that these imperative professional development resources reach schools all across the nation.”

-Michelle Kjoller; Coach and Special Education Teacher

“Social Success in Schools allows educators and students to harness valuable professional development resources that help to eliminate the guess work and time intensive planning which often causes frustration and interferes with successful implementation. As educators we do this work each and every day and we owe it to ourselves and our students to provide the tools and knowledge needed to truly build awareness and put into action social-emotional learning.”

-Tony Morrison; High School Principal