Transformative SEL
Professional Learning Program

Ensuring All Students Thrive in Safe, Caring, and Inclusive Learning EnvironmentsReaffirm. Reassess. Reinvent. 






Revolutionizing education is at the forefront of our society as we look to empower future generations to become the next leaders, innovators, and game-changers.

Doing so will require helping school communities embed a trauma-informed, student-centered, and culturally relevant Transformative SEL approach that embraces student identity, voice, agency, and belonging and builds authentic school-family-community partnerships.

Transformative SEL is the vehicle for helping school communities advocate for and co-construct safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environments so all children can thrive.

Re-imaging education necessitates that we transform how we individually and collectively teach, model, and shape the social-emotional competencies in both adults and children. 

Implementing effective and sustainable  Transformative SEL requires that  educators, families, and communities be provided with quality professional learning resources.


Together, let’s pave the way for a better future!

Advantages of

School-Wide Transformative

Social-Emotional Learning

Research conducted by CASEL and other leading experts in the field of SEL, reveals that when schools consciously prioritize social-emotional learning (SEL) they experience noticeable transformations.


Improved Learning Environments


return on investment


Percentile-point academic gain on testing measures


Increase GPAs, Graduation Rates, and Academic Success


Improvement in School Attendance



years of benefits AFTER GRADUATION


Improvement in workforce readiness






of Principals say SEL is essential but want more training


of parents believe that SEL is just as important as academic learning.



At Social Success in Schools, our comprehensive on-demand Transformative SEL Professional Learning Program brings together evidence-based and research-driven SEL professional development and student and family resources into one user-friendly online member’s portal. This all-in-one member’s portal houses all the training videos and guidebooks that can be accessed in your space and time, and in ways that best fit your individual needs.  

Our member’s portal creates a Step-by-Step process to guide and empower educators, students, families, and communities  to transform their schools into caring, equitable and thriving learning environments so all students can excel both in their minds and hearts.


As part of this member’s portal, school communities get access to: 

  • Professional Learning Trainings for both home and school rooted in research-driven practices and recommendations from the leading experts in the field and aligned with CASEL’s five core SEL competencies. 

 Includes Two Comprehensive Trainings:              (Learn more on The Program page)

  • SEL: Awareness into Action:  geared at raising your SEL intentions and practices to embed into all learning environments across the entire school community.
  • Implementing Transformative SEL: geared at supporting your mission to cultivate trauma-informed, student-centered, and equitable SEL practices.

 *** Each  training includes ready-to-play video module  lessons with  engaging 2D and whiteboard animation and inspiring guidebooks for staff, students, and families so the entire school community can implement SEL into the natural learning environment to evoke systemic change.

  • Live Q & A Group Consultations
  • Access to our private Members-Only Community on Facebook

What Makes Us Different

We are educators. We’re not a company attempting to build a program without real experience in the field of education. We have dedicated our teaching careers to bringing support to students with and without disabilities.

1. Social Success in Schools is the ONLY online All-in-One professional learning training program geared at implementing Transformative SEL.

Our program includes clear-cut steps to embed trauma-informed, student-centered, and equitable SEL into the natural learning environment.

2. Highly customizable program.

Our program can either stand on its own or complement SEL initiatives you are currently implementing in your school. 

3. Social Success in Schools is sustainable.

Our program helps schools get their SEL initiative going and keep it going, including refresher and new-teacher trainings. Your SEL momentum can remain strong even as the faculty changes.

4. Our program includes all training videos and guidebooks in one user-friendly members-only portal for the entire school community to access.

Schools don’t need to rely on sending a few staff to trainings in hopes that they will return and implement a program school-wide. 

5. The program costs include continuing support.

Your membership includes ongoing consultation and support. No investing in expensive consultants.

6. Social Success in Schools is flexible.

Participants can access training anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Social Success in Schools allows educators and students to harness valuable professional development resources that help to eliminate the guesswork and time intensive planning which often causes frustration and interferes with successful implementation. As educators we do this work each and every day and we owe it to ourselves and our students to provide the tools and knowledge needed to truly build awareness and put into action social-emotional learning.

-Tony Morrison
High School Principal

(Dennis-Yarmouth Public Schools, Massachusetts)